DIY Donut Themed First Birthday

We recently got to celebrate our baby girl’s first birthday (cue the tears). I decided to go with the donut theme because (1) the decor is so stinkin’ cute and (2) mama likes donuts 😝.

The best part – the majority of her decor was DIY, right down to the cake, which means it didn’t break the bank. 🙌🏻 Don’t think you’re a do it yourselfer? Think again. If this full time working mama can throw this together, I promise you can. Below I’ve shared links to all the supplies you need & tips for throwing your own DIY donut themed birthday party. If you have a Slihouette machine, you’ll find a /FREE/ cut file for a birthday banner below.

💗 Want to skip the DIY part? You can find most of the decor & a few outfit options here: 💗

The Decor

  • Balloon Arch: Balloons arches and garland are an easy way to make a party look great without it costing a lot. It’s also impossible to mess up this DIY. // Tip: use a balloon pump and blow up balloons in varying sizes. // Supplies you’ll need:
first birthday photo banner

The Cake

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make a “naked cake”. Also – since it’s a smash cake it actually doesn’t matter how good it tastes (😆).

I made the cake shown above with a boxed cake mix & buttercream icing that I bought from my local grocery store bakery (yes they sell just the icing!). You can find plenty of how-tos on Pinterest, I used these 6 inch cake pans and the instructions and the ganache recipe found HERE. A few tips that I’ve learned after making a few of these:

  • Make the cake it advance and refrigerate overnight. This will keep your icing from getting crumbs in it.
  • Add the majority of the icing to the edge of the cake in between layers. You want it to squeeze out when you stack the layers.
  • You don’t need any fancy icing tools. I found that a rubber spatula worked great for spreading the icing where I needed it on the outside and the back of a butter knife worked for smoothing it out / removing excess icing.
  • If you’re making colored ganache, use quality white chocolate chips and NOT the chocolate wafers used for candy & dipping fruit. Those wafers ended up being too runny when melted which is why the icing in the image dropped farther than I wanted.
  • Remember that a little food coloring goes a long way when color the white chocolate (mistake number too, oops)
  • !!! Be patient !!! and let the ganache cool slightly before putting it in the cake or else it will drip farther than you want it to.

The Menu

I kept with the donut theme and served brunch food, donuts instead of cake, and cute cookies for party favors. See below for the full menu.

  • Your favorite local donuts (we’re lucky to have a Duck Donuts nearby)
  • Breakfast casserole
  • Sausage balls
  • Danishes (Costco danishes are so good) 🤤
  • Fruit
  • Coffee ( make a Starbucks run that morning and treat yourself to your favorite coffee and get a travel box for everyone else – cups and all the necessities are included! )
  • Mimos
  • Sweet tea (if you live in the South you have sweet tea, regardless of the type of food 😆)

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