Tips for Visiting Waco, Tx


I recently got back from a trip to Texas- and one doesn’t go to Texas without visiting Waco. If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, you MUST plan a trip to Magnolia Market at The Silos. The pictures don’t do it justice.

I’ve read that The Silos can get pretty busy (& Magnolia Table), but we lucked up and had the perfect trip thanks to a little research before hand. Here are a few tips I learned while there so you can plan YOUR perfect trip to Waco.

1. Plan for a weekday

If you want to enjoy downtown Waco + The Silos without too much chaos, it seems like the first half of the week is the best time to go. I arrived in Waco on a Sunday evening in early June so that I could get up early for Magnolia Table + The Silos on Monday (all Magnolia attractions are closed on Sunday). Even for a Monday, the Silos were pretty crowded which means Friday – Saturday is probably TOO crowded to enjoy.

If you want a more lively downtown area, I suggest going when the Baylor students are still in town. By the first week of June, students had already gone home for the summer which was perfect. I prefer a little more calm & quiet. 🙂

Another element that probably worked in our favor was the weather – there was a chance of rain and it was a little cloudy in the morning. I know, this isn’t something you can control, but don’t let a chance of rain scare you off. It turned out to be just a little cloudy and probably a little less crowded because of the forecast.


2. Visit The Silos after hours

I highly recommend getting there on a Sunday & taking a stroll to The Silos around sunset. It’s the best time to get people-free photos of the exterior. I snapped the image below of The Silos Baking Co. when it was closed & it’s one of my faves of the entire trip. Right before sunset is also the perfect lighting for The Silos.



3. Explore other local places downtown

Before heading to dinner, stop by Waco Winery for a glass of wine (or better yet, go for the tasting – the merlot & rosé were my top picks).It was pretty quite and relaxing on Sunday evening but they do have a cute patio and live music on Friday & Saturday nights.

If you’re a fan of cocktails – check out Barnett’s Public House. They have your not-so-average cocktail ( like a cocktail with gin, honey, lemon & lavender… yes please! ). We were also told that their food is FANTASTIC. Unfortunately we arrived after the kitchen was closed but it is at the top of my list for the next time I go back.

There is also a cute antique shop just a short distance from The Silos you can go explore.



4. Grab a lavender latte at Magnolia Table


I had read mixed reviews about Magnolia Table – and while it may not be worth a 3 hour wait – it is a must while you’re in Waco.

We got there somewhere between 7:30-8:00 & lucked up (again thanks to the chance of rain) with only a 30 minute wait. I suggest going before 8am because the line did start to pick up after that. Reviews I read online said some people had a 3 hour wait (whaaaat?!). Magnolia Table also closes at 3:00 pm and they will stop taking names if the wait is long enough. Overall – it’s worth a *small* wait – the service was wonderful and the food was delish as well.

I recommend everyone at the table getting something different so you can try a few things. Don’t pass up Jo Jo’s biscuits with strawberry butter or the lavender lemon donut holes.

There is also plenty to do while you’re waiting on your table.

  • Check out the take-away shop & grab a souvenir from the gift shop.
  • Get a lavender latte (this is a must – it’s so good that I started googling lavender syrup for my coffee as soon as I took a sip :p)
  • Grab a pastry from the outdoor coffee + pastry bar.
  • Sit back and relax. There is plenty of covered seating outside. Grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy the quiet time (you’ll want it if you have a busy day ahead at The Silos).


5. Plan to spend the day at The Silos

There is quite a bit to do at The Silos so you’ll want to have about 4 hours of time to explore and enjoy the venue. Between Magnolia Market, Silos Baking company, exploring the grounds & having lunch… you can easily spend a half a day there if not more.

I loved that that there were food trucks on site (plenty to choose from for lunch). My favorites were:

  •  The Alabama Sweet Tea Company – for $8 you get a giant glass of tea and a souvenir glass mason jar to take home with you.
  • Cheddar Box – the Mr. T grilled mac-n-cheese had lemon rosemary & white cheddar (and did I mention it is grilled?!).


6. One last FYI – most hotels are within walking distance

If I were you – I’d opt for the cheaper route since you really aren’t in your room much (unless you want to be right in the middle of downtown). We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott & it was great. Clean rooms, cute pool area, and a short 15 min stroll to downtown/The Silos.

That wraps up my tips for visiting Waco, Tx. I would also love to hear your tips – feel free to leave a comment so other readers can read about more Waco musts.

xo, Kelsey

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